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Lehman Hailey’s Internet Marketing Boot Camp

Day 1 Targetting

Day 10 Putting it all Together

Day 9 Outsorcing

Day 8 Web 2 and Social Marketing

Day 7 Press Releases

Day 6 Video Marketing

Day 5 Articles

Day 4a Pay per Click (Google)

Day 3 Optin Pages vs Branding

Day 2 Domains and Hosting

Day 4c Pay per Click (MSN)

Day 4b Pay per Click (Yahoo)

Lehman Hailey is one of the best known and certainly one of the masters of Internet Marketing.

He runs a series of courses, writes blogs, runs his own businesses, speaks internationally, writes books, serves clients...

He has  produced a series of 10 videos called the DNA of Internet Marketing - which he made freely available to anyone who asked!

We repeat them here, but the copyright clearly belongs to Lehman.

Each video is 10-15 minutes long.

His website is at http://lehmanhailey.com/

One of the greats...

To view a video, click opposite.  We strongly recommend viewing them in sequence.  If you have a slow Internet connection, be patient, they are about 20mb each.

Download a Flash viewer here.